Saya selalu tanya kenapa penggunaan terma loyar buruk.Kenapa bukan tayar buruk ataupun loyar beruk? -Rahman Kassim

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Posted on 14 February, 2013 at @ 11:36 PM, you can leave your comment (1) (0)
Oh Friends!
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته
Today is Friday, then tomorrow would be Saturday, then Sunday. The day. The day of me, my brother, my sister go back to our beloved hostel. same goes to all my hostelian members. whereas will go bak to our "loving" Seseri, Sesem, Samura, Mozac, Sehebat and will always be the best hostel ever in the world, Al-Farabi! xD

I clearly will remember, that moment when Eja told me, how she try to survive at Mozac. Be strong beb. I know you can, we all know! We just have only get two years only being a student before facing the SPM. Then we fly! fly? ekk =,="

"Bad Desicions Make Better Stories."

It's acually really hard to leave evrything I have, I need and I love and try to start all over new again at a new place with all the strangers. I'm awkward for sure! But these are the obstacles in our life! Then why not we try to pass them, no matter what happen. just we need to ready totally our mental and physical! of course!

If I get the chance even only once, to rewind the time, being one of 3RK1, being the 'KD' of Al-Khairiyah, be with all my buddies, Sayananania at Sesega, I'm pretty sure that will not let the biggest golden chance! I want, I hope, really hope! Miss them much :')

Then, goodbye and I will always, every single seconds miss my Sayananania, Batch Tak Matang, 4sn1, Umi then for sure Aspuri! My next post would be on March 2013 soon.

Me, my cutest have no compariment- AinLalalalalalala

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