Saya selalu tanya kenapa penggunaan terma loyar buruk.Kenapa bukan tayar buruk ataupun loyar beruk? -Rahman Kassim

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Posted on 15 July, 2012 at @ 12:20 AM, you can leave your comment (0) (0)
English keh!
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

for the right time now, I'm really love to hear Ukiss song-Believe. I know that even the song is much out of date, so what I'm care. haha. I really can't believe that Nuest Face official music video has reached the large amount of number. Do you know how many? It almost Seven Million watcher! wow, what amazing.

yesterday, 14 July. Ninety seven liners and I had attended a seminar which called Fasih Berbahasa Inggeris ( FBI ). We were asked to be more selamba and just ignorre otjer people who tried to bring us down. Kehkeh, the point is now, just be selamba je when we want to speak in English. Ignore, forget and kick the un-open minded person far away, hehe. Oh My English. I'm just a learner.

Hei! I have a super duper crush. You get too? Oh, cool and awesome. He brighted my day just now with a phone call. hehe, forever happy. Lol, he is poyo lahh.... Bye, I'm going to prepare to going abck to hostel. My lovely, beautiful and peaceful hostel.