Saya selalu tanya kenapa penggunaan terma loyar buruk.Kenapa bukan tayar buruk ataupun loyar beruk? -Rahman Kassim

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Posted on 31 May, 2012 at @ 11:02 PM, you can leave your comment (0) (0)
Tag..I'm lazy eber
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

hari dah hari Jumaat. lol what up? kejap sangat dah seminggu cutti sekolah. ;AAAAAAA; aku tanak naik sekolah laggi lah, sabar-sabar lah dulu. kita minum kopi tarik satu kejap.

today, i'm going to answer tag from Qay. acually aku berminat nak jawwab soalan die. so aku kebat, lol sorry Qay keh xDD

so start now, one.. two.. three..

1) What do you think of my blog? *random haha

cool, but sometime it will be too simple. lol sorry :|

2) Who you admire of most?

Imma really admire Rasulullah. You know that he fight hardly just to spread Islam? wow, amazing!~

3) Do you have bestfriend?

ofkoz yeah! My bestfriends are too awesome and the best ever friends forever. I love them!~

4) Tell me your caption about me. *random again :p

Seriously I dont' believe that you is a-year young than me. wow*

5) What is your group that you love most?

currently, mostly, and this time EXO Planet, Infinite, BAP TinTap, B1A4, Btob and many othersss.

6) Who is your bias in that group?

Suho oppa, Baekhyun oppa, Luhan oppa, Hoya oppa, Woohyun oppa, Ljoe oppa, Dae Hyun oppa, Chunjie oppa, Peniel oppa, and Jinyougie oppa.

7) Your 3 favorite TV shows.

I love to watch Running Man, Let's Go Dream Team! and Incredible Youth. ( am I right tthe spelling? lol. )

8) What will you do in this 2 weeks holidays? *random

besides Pray, i'll sleep, eat, online, bath, sleep, eat, online, bath.

9) Your 3 favorite Movies.

I dont't prefer movie much, but i'll choose Ju-On. huh???

10) Your 3 favorite Music Videos.

i love this question. I love video from TinTap-To You, Exo-k-History and BAP-Power.

One among them, TinTap-To You.
try to open this blog, Beautifulnara. lol tak kenal k-pop ke? ape guna twitter kau cik abang oiii :|.

ok that all. ppyong , Esuhort's wife :_______________: