Saya selalu tanya kenapa penggunaan terma loyar buruk.Kenapa bukan tayar buruk ataupun loyar beruk? -Rahman Kassim

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Posted on 31 March, 2012 at @ 4:29 AM, you can leave your comment (0) (0)
hmph life
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

this post does't want any picture.

me was too busy since be a third-former. i didnt have much time to study since i'had to done my homewrok first. everyday, i came back hostel from school late. around 3 o'clock. yeah, really freaking crazy. then, at night, i went to hostel tuition and sometime i felt really sleepy. but what can i do? i'm just stand my eyes with the matchstick! kidding ignore that.

i hope that i can manage my time much better since This April. fighting ain! and now, is 31 mac and i'm countdown everyday, evernight to october. please october, dont come to me. i hate octover. demm!

my bias list is almost full with tthe addition from Hyn Sik and Min Hyuk from BTOB, JR from Nu'est and dont forget too Su Ho and Luhan from EXO. me adore them. muahhhhhhh. ols, ignore me once again. i ove the song, Insane and History alsoo Face. yeahhh, i''m crazy. can't wait for Infinitee's comeback. hooooa, my Woohyun biassss. and Hoya tooo! kbye.