Saya selalu tanya kenapa penggunaan terma loyar buruk.Kenapa bukan tayar buruk ataupun loyar beruk? -Rahman Kassim

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Posted on 03 October, 2011 at @ 11:14 PM, you can leave your comment (0) (0)
On This Mommente .
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

//I still online and watching korean drama untill i forgot to do revision . my exam is just a week more left .
//today , my brother will take PMR as i will do the same on next year .
//have you watch B1A4 new video , Beautiful Target ?
//I love my blog music , Proud Of You . it soundly .
//i want to apologise to all as i want to exam a few week left . there is a person that i already apologise , but he doesn't want to forgive me . hmph , it is his busnies with Allah as i had done what must i do . he seemly doesn't want to forgive me at all . when i think back , he also had done big mistake to me and i alredy forgive him with a thousand fake smile .
//my ear was so sickkkk !
//i miss Jelly Kelapa . wanna treat me some ?
//have you even had nightmare ? yeahh , me too . bad nightmare :(
//yesterday , zura and i went to shop to buy some drink . i ride our Ego Skuter , as i want to park the motor , suddenly it fell and i pressed . and whatttt , zrummmm zrummm zruummmmmmmmmm . my motor ! zura and i laugh nonstop that evening , hmph .
//i was alone in my house right now .
//our video get a nice supporter . ilovethat .
//i must stop posting , my mom ask me finish my math book .
//Rye Wook love purple <3
//this evening , zura will go to bookshop and buy this month e-pop . ahahah , i'm waiting .
//today is Filda Khalis birthday and Friday is Ammar Haziq birthday .
//i'm online using PC as my father brought his lappy .
//it take only 30 minutes for me to write this entry .
//my ear ! water enter my ear and it painnnnnn .
//my ear stil pain pain and painn .
//ok stop , i'm hungry :(
//Assalamualaikum <3